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Get ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ as your Town Tune in Animal Crossing

Get ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ as your Town Tune in Animal Crossing

There are a ton of ways to customize your island in Animal Crossing, and thanks to our crafty community of players there are a lot of open source codes for all sorts of needs. We have clothes, merch, and now [*bit drum roll*], tunes. 

For people reading for the My Chemical Romance content and generally unfamiliar with a Town Tune, it’s basically a custom soundtrack that plays for common activities like talking to villagers, entering buildings and to mark every hour that passes in-game. It’s your theme song.

If you’ve ever timed your emo punk tracks to start just as you enter a room or right before leaving Myspace testimonials, then this is an alternate mode of wish fulfillment versus manually fiddling with your music device.

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Your Town Tune can range from one to 16 notes and if you’ve committed the opening notes to “Welcome to the Black Parade” to heart and memory, then those are all the notes you’ll need buddy. Thank you, Reddit.

welcome to the black parade as a town tune for acnh! from r/MyChemicalRomance



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