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A Nickelodeon Underwater Theme Park In Palawan Isn’t Worth It

A Nickelodeon Underwater Theme Park In Palawan Isn’t Worth It

In the most surprising news you’ll ever hear today (with around four hours left in the day) Nickelodeon wants to build an underwater theme park in no less than our own beautiful Palawan.

Without offering further details other than the fact that the undersea park will be 400 hectares and feature popular Nick characters (presumably putting the Bikini Bottom crew front and center), the company is insisting that the theme park will be to showcase our rich and diverse marine life… and protect it at the same time.

To that we say, really tho?

We don’t see any way they won’t be disturbing the ecosystem underwater with all that construction. Palawan may very well be the last place that’s largely untouched, so it’s something we all have to protect if we still want something to visit in the future. And you can’t fool anyone by telling them you’ll be building an undersea park without messing with the reefs and the fishes.

The good thing is that the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, a government body tasked to manage projects like these, hasn’t approved the plan yet, and we hope they don’t. Spongebob is cool and all, but #nope.


Image from the Spongebob Wikia

UPDATE (1/11/17, 12:30 pm): There’s now an official petition against this. Sign it here.


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