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Get artistic for a cause with these lockdown initiatives by creatives

Get artistic for a cause with these lockdown initiatives by creatives

By looking at the influx of quarantine-produced projects, isolation has prompted creatives to handle the pandemic in a number of ways. And while it may be an unstable time for the industry, these circumstances have become an outlet for artistic expression—and for some good (and creative) Samaritans, a time to help out as an act of pure, unadulterated goodwill. We’ve rounded up some initiatives by creatives that take a step in lending a hand, especially during these troubled times.

Creatives on Lockdown

How do creatives survive the lockdown? Just as they always do with or without a pandemic—through the help of a tight-knit community. While distancing sounds like a gateway for a lack of compassion, Creatives on Lockdown shows that we can still make connections without the physicality. Through their online workshop series, they gather creative professionals to help alleviate isolation and the mental strain that comes along with it.

Art for Frontliners

For patrons of Art of Frontliners, you can get a two-for-one deal: Help out some heroes, and get some awe-inspiring art while you’re at it. This initiative is comprised of a group of artists creating works for the benefit of Filipino frontliners. For a minimum donation of P350, you can get a free digital or traditional illustration from one artist in their roster. Sounds like a sweet deal, if you ask me.

Project 20 Charity Drive

If you’re a budding art collector who’s on that 20-something budget, you can now score some priceless works, and all for a good cause. So, no, you don’t have to pull up to your nearest auction for this one: Project 20’s charity drive offers artworks for P2,000 and under. All proceeds will go to COVID-19 charities, like The Women of Aleitheia for frontliners and Zero Hunger PH for the benefit of underprivileged families. Check out their full catalog (or donate your own artwork) by emailing them at [email protected].

Stickers for Food

Speaking as a sticker hoarder, collecting sticker packs—and subjecting your laptop to them—may just be one of life’s untainted pleasures. Food-related pieces are a go-to and Stickers for Food takes its own spin on that, for the benefit of feeding Filipino families. We talked to the initiative about its cause in delivering food to communities that need it, with the help of PAGASA (People for Accountable Governance and Sustainable Action).


This hashtag going around Twitter can get you free artwork, while supporting your charity of choice. Participating artists set a minimum amount of donation, you send a receipt and voilà—you’ll receive new artwork to add to your collection.

Got any more you can recommend? Sound off at @scoutmagph.

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