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5 things we love about the new BTS comeback

5 things we love about the new BTS comeback

By Denise Fernandez

Two days ago, K-pop group BTS released their new album along with their new chemistry-infested single, “DNA.” For those who are big fans of BTS (shoutout to all you ARMYs!), it’s really no surprise with regards to all the overwhelmingly positive feedback that these guys are getting. Here’s what we at Scout love most about this particular comeback:

1. That “Serendipity” teaser

If you’ve been reading our Scout Faves section recently, you already know that I really appreciated the teaser for BTS’ new album, Her. “Serendipity,” a track heavily featuring member Jimin, is a pure yet intimate preview of the greatness to be expected from the group. It was also the perfect opening song to the whole album, setting any listener’s mood to listen for more. Not to mention, the music video was just beautiful.

2. A bright concept

Both the song and video for “DNA” were pretty surprising. I’ve grown used to heavier BTS singles like “Danger,” “Fire,” and “Not Today.” But I guess you can’t box these guys in a single type of sound (which is awesome, by the way). “DNA” is light and extremely fun–their bright outfits and setup are more than appropriate for this single. It’s probably one of the brightest BTS videos thanks to all the vibrant colors, but we’re all loving it.

3. Great choreo

No words. The whole group has always been good at dancing and this is just further proof. Also, Jungkook can kill everyone with his smirks. See the video again here.

4. A rad album

Her is far from my favorite BTS album, but it’s more than capable all on its own. You got your slow R&B tracks like “dimple” and “Serendipity,” and you have upbeat songs like “DNA” and “Best of Me.” Fans are bound to find something that fits to their own personal tastes. Props to the group for never failing to write and produce quality music.

5. BTS continues to break records everywhere

Recently, news came out that BTS is the first K-pop act to break into Spotify’s Global Top 50. This wasn’t their first first, with the group also winning a Billboard Music Award and “DNA” becoming the fastest K-pop video to have reached 20 million views within 24 hours. The future seems bright for BTS and we’re here rooting for them every step of the way.



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