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Miss high school? Jerrold Tarog’s ‘Senior Year’ is now free for streaming

Miss high school? Jerrold Tarog’s ‘Senior Year’ is now free for streaming

UPDATE: Six months ago, the film was available on Jerrold Tarog’s Vimeo page. It’s now been transferred to Cinema One’s YouTube account.

Testing your classmates’ compatibility in F.L.A.M.E.S., sharing horror stories in broad daylight and getting your way out of the petty friendship fights (and, uh, the Noisy List)—these sum up almost every Y2K Filipino kid’s high school life. If you’re on the verge of going through your class pictures just to relive this crazy ass time, consider watching the film that tells the entire tale too: “Senior Year”.

If you’re ready to hop on the nostalgia train, thank Jerrold Tarog as “Senior Year “ is now available on YouTube. “Shot ten years ago with a small budget. Still the most fun I’ve had shooting a film,” Tarog said on Twitter. The coming-of-age film was previously made available on the director’s Vimeo page, free for streaming for a limited time.

Set in Catholic school St. Frederick’s Academy, “Senior Year” follows a bunch of high school students on the cusp of young adulthood. As they navigate their last year in high school with unresolved issues and college entrance tests, they also try to find their own identities. Don’t worry, there are no unrealistic scenes of everyday partying here. It’s authentic AF.

Here’s a little bonus: We’ll also know what happens at the high school reunion. Funny enough, it’s set in 2020, as Tarog confirmed. I guess… that sounds like a reverse “Black Mirror” ep?

Months ago, Tarog also shared the shooting script of his short film “Faculty,” the prequel to “Senior Year.” Now that’s the dose of nostalgia we deserve.

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