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We captured all the ghouls and ghosts of House of Horrors on cam

We captured all the ghouls and ghosts of House of Horrors on cam

We’re back from our party-induced slumber (a.k.a. hangover), friends. Ready to peek at our favorite moments from House of Horrors?

Last night was our fifth birthday party, and, as always, we had a killer time with all our friends and family. IV of Spades, St. Wolf, OwFuck, eXist, Sway, Nic & Han, Bedspacer, Funkatalyst and Headroom brought scary-good music to the function, and our partners Oppo, Toyota, Reef, Jansport and Havaianas set up some cool games for everyone. Drinks from San Miguel Pale Pilsen and San Miguel Flavored Beer were on deck, and grub by Hood, Sige Pares! and Erynn’s Corner were up for grabs. Where else can you party with IV of Spades, take photos with a manananggal and solve a murder-mystery?

Of course, we wanted to keep these memories forever. Instead of our Plan A of casting a hex and locking everyone up to party in eternal doom, we went with Plan B: Taking sick photos of everyone. Check out our snaps below. And for everyone who didn’t make it, try not to get too jealous.

Photos by Kiara Gabriel, Samantha Ong, Jonas Timbreza and Bea Tan


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