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We spy Shanne Dandan in The 1975’s latest supercut

Wondering where “Umaga” singer-songwriter Shanne Dandan is? Well, she was at Scout’s House of Horrors back in Halloween, and now, you can spot her in The 1975’s video.

On May 19, The 1975 teased an upcoming video on their Instagram post. It lets us peek into the supercut they managed to create with their fans from around the world. Two months ago, the band had an open call where they invited their listeners to submit a short video of themselves sharing a recent anecdote—paired with art, poetry, dance or any other creative expression.

It looks like the band’s strategic vibe check raked powerful stories—one of them being Dandan’s. In a few seconds, we catch her in the bathtub, piercing our souls with some whimsical energy. With Healy’s wholesome VO and their fans’ raw moments and confessions, we can’t help but replay. Are we getting a full version? The IG caption spells out May 22, so maybe we can get our hopes up.

Watch the video here:


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