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Kim Petras claps back anti-LGBTQIA+ protesters

The notorious anti-LGBTQIA+ group, Westboro Baptist Church, has done it again. This time they targeted German pop princess Kim Petras. 

Before we get to the details, here’s a rundown of problematic things that the hate group has done so far:

      • – Blamed the 9/11 tragedies on homosexual activity.
        – Celebrated the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, a massacre that left 49 people dead and 53 others wounded.

When the religious group announced that they would be picketing the pop star’s show at The Truman in Kansas City, Missouri, fans were immediately concerned about having to deal with transphobic protesters.


Thankfully, Petras is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Even before the hateful and grammatically incorrect announcement, Petras has already trolled the hate group by plastering four billboards with her face in Topeka, Kansas, the headquarters of no other than the Westboro Baptist Church. What an icon.


Upon hearing the statement, Petras took to Instagram and reassured her fans:

She even responded with an impromptu photoshoot with the haters outside of her show. Haters say cheese!


Petras received praise from fellow pop stars for her top-tier trolling skills. Stars like Charli XCX, Slayyter, Todrick Hall, and Chester Lockhart commended her for her clap backs. Grimes commented “This is literally genius,” and Katy Perry wrote “icon”—and we couldn’t agree more.


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