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Digital content creators, you may have to register with BIR and pay your taxes

Calling all bloggers, vloggers, influencers and other digital content creators: If you’re earning from ads, a recent memorandum is now requiring you to register to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

As part of the Revenue Memorandum 60-2020, the bureau’s announcement details that those conducting business online are required to register not later than July 31. However, this doesn’t just count online sellers and the e-commerce industry. BIR’s Deputy Commissioner Arnel Guballa also included bloggers, filmmakers, content creators and other independent creative professionals among the list.

The memorandum identified those required to register:

  • E-commerce platform providers
  • Internet retailers of consumer goods
  • Digital service, membership and subscription
  • Digital transaction through electronic platforms and media
  • Online blogging and filmmakers earning from advertising gained from online channels
  • Ride-hailing services for food, transportation, delivery or merchandise
  • Concerns were previously raised for the requirement’s possible effects to small-scale business owners. However, emerging creatives don’t have to fret. In keeping with the Department of Trade and Industry’s exemption, those earning below P250,000 a year won’t have to pay income tax.

    For those thinking about jumping into the freelancing life, check out our guide to getting that sweet, sweet official receipt.

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    Art by Kloie Ledesma


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