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The cast of this new online show are Bright, Win and… us?

The cast of this new online show are Bright, Win and… us?

Does your post-series coping mechanism include imagining what happened after “2gether The Series” (while listening to Scrubb) ended? Well, good news: The universe has decided to bless us with more content from the Handsome Prince and the Nuisance. Are you ready, SarawaTine fans?

On June 23, Thai television production company GMMTV released the poster for a new show starring Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin. Titled “Bright Win Inbox,” this show might just let us tag along as the show’s omnipresent cast. From the description’s translation, what we can decipher is that this show will make us smile because we can “request” as we wish. Are we actually sending challenges to the pair?

Since the announcement, both Thai and international fans have been picking their brains out for possible gimmicks they can ask Bright and Win to do. How about having them make their own version of Blue Hawaii? Or asking them to do a random TikTok dance? Better yet, what if they act out a scene from “2gether”—only they have to switch characters.

If this really is the “plot” of their new show, we still have ample time to develop pitches. “Bright Win Inbox” kicks off on June 30 and will continue every last Tuesday of each month on LINE TV and GMMTV. ‘Til then, we’ll return to our usual coping mechanism.

Still from “2gether The Series”


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