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Learn about the meme, the frog, the legend in this new docu

GIFs and memes convey our emotions that words cannot. In retrospect, that’s just how this generation is. That’s why our visual vernacular knows Pepe the Frog way too well.

He stole our hearts with one meme after another. Now, this documentary about him is Sundance 2020’s latest docu-darling.

Directed by Arthur Jones, “Feels Good Man” chronicles the struggle of artist Matt Furie, the father of the accidental meme, Pepe the Frog. It tackles Pepe’s rise to fame through Furie’s Myspace webcomic “Boys’ Club.” From there, Pepe dominates 4Chan forums then the internet. But when Pepe falls into the hands of alt-right White Supremacy memers, this popular internet frog suddenly becomes the face of racism.

Jones’ documentary is more than just an origin story. If anything, it reclaims Pepe as a symbol of hope and not what racists distorted this meme-able frog to be.

“Feels Good Man” arrives on Sept. 4. In case the trailer hasn’t shown up your timeline, you can check it out below:

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Still from “Feels Good Man”


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