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Only in Harajuku, Japan does IKEA now do streetwear


Never thought we’d live to see it, but it’s real: The company that made Frakta bags (and bucket hats out of Frakta bags) a thing is dropping its own streetwear line.

With over 270 stores around the world, IKEA reigns supreme in the budget furniture industry, something even Kanye West considered diving into. While it’s mostly known for its ready-to-assemble home decor―like, say, your wardrobe―IKEA now’s making stuff for your wardrobe.

“Our first ever merchandising collection takes cues from our approach to home-furnishing, with simple, everyday takes on clothes and accessories,” the company said in a press release.

Called Efterträda, which is Swedish for “successor,” the collection carries 10 products with simple, minimalist design, like most streetwear. Some items have a barcode design printed on them, which is a reference to IKEA’s most popular product: the customizable Billy bookcase.

Why a fashion line all of a sudden? Who knows―many brands take a leap and dive into the bizarre with unusual products (and as much as we’d like to reject capitalism, most of the time they at least succeed in grabbing our attention).

Perhaps the location of IKEA’s latest store plays a part. They’re releasing the streetwear line in their first Japan branch, specifically in Harajuku where fashion, pop culture and everything the youth loves thrive, including streetwear.

The collection’s only dropping in the Harajuku store, though. While you might not be able to cop a hoodie, IKEA’s releasing an Efterträda lookbook soon, which will showcase the rest of the clothing line and will feature “a diverse cast of young Tokyoites in their real homes.”


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