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Paradise Rising’s first EP is out, so go stream their MVs, too


The new dawn is finally here. Since the release of the first EP of Paradise Rising, our homegrown faves have been dropping their music videos all week. 

If you haven’t caught up, don’t worry: We got you. Here’s every music video from the “Semilucent” EP in order of release. From soothing beats to stunning visuals, there’s a lot to unpack and enjoy in this mixtape.


“Safe Place” – Kiana V

First to release her music video is former SCOUT cover girl herself, Kiana V. In this captivatingly soothing music video, she takes us down the confusing path of seeking closure with someone.


“On God” – Massiah

The second video to drop is from Massiah, an artist also under James Reid’s label Careless Music Manila. A blend of chill rap and explicit lyrics, this song even made it to the iTunes Philippines charts. 


“Clouds” – Leila Alcasid 

I swear, every song on this EP makes me feel some type of way. Leila Alcasid serenades us from a dimly lit room, a different color of the rainbow lighting up each frame. This collaboration with producer Moophs is such a vibe, you’d want to lie down and “wait ‘til the sun comes out again,” too.


“Kaori” – Fern

Fern’s song is for your “sad boi afternoons,” those looking-out-the-window mental montages and 3 a.m. moments. And based on Fern’s tweet, this song holds a deeper meaning for those who’ve watched the classic anime tearjerker that is “Your Lie in April.”


“Endlessly+Tenderly” – Jason Dhakal

Jason Dhakal is the last one in the collective to drop his MV, completing the “Semilucent” lineup with equally healing lyrics and visuals. Let yourself get lost in his soft vocals, graceful moves and intimate bars.


Still from “Endlessly+Tenderly”



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