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Real recognize real: Hayley Williams vibes with SB19’s Pablo

2020 is filled with a lot of crossovers and plot twists. This week, we got an ostrich and other farm animals on the loose, PhilHealth mafia apparently exists and our fandoms are colliding. And if you’re an SB19 and Paramore stan, this week must’ve been a trip for you.

On Twitter, SB19’s Pablo posted a cover of Paramore’s “Turn It Off,” prompting a lot of likes and retweets from stans—including from the vocalist herself.

The iconic pop-punk singer complimented Pablo’s cover and his voice. While listening to it, Hayley felt a bit nostalgic from her mid-2000s band days. “Thanks for sharing this with all of us. your voice is beautiful and I loved hearing someone sing these words back to me today,” tweeted Hayley. “Might needed it more than I care to admit.”

Pablo replied by telling the Paramore vocalist how much she means to fans like him. “Your music is healing and it echoes,” said Pablo. Hard same for fellow Paramore/Hayley stans out there.

It looks like A’TIN better make room for one more international member. You can listen to the cover below:

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