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What’s a ‘Simfluencer’? You can play ‘The Sims’ and get paid for it

What’s a ‘Simfluencer’? You can play ‘The Sims’ and get paid for it

There’s no obsession quite like The Sims—it lets us buy multicolored appliances we can’t afford, create majestic houses impossible in our lifetime, and talk in fluent Simlish without having to consult a language app. 

It’s equal parts cathartic and chaotic, that spending too much time on it can be justified. 

What’s better than The Sims? Before your pro gamer sibling overhears this question and throws another game’s name, we’ll say it now: getting paid to play it.

Gaming website has pledged to give a lucky someone $2,000 (or roughly P112,000) to play one of the most popular simulation games of our generation. 

“To rev up the excitement around a new, rumored expansion pack set to release this fall, we’re putting on a contest to really get your sim-self excited about. You can now get paid $2,000 to play The Sims. Yep, that simple,” the company said. 

If you’re the chosen one (at least in this virtual realm), your mission includes downloading the currently free Sims 4, availing of the High School Years expansion pack (expenses will be covered by the company), and choosing between nabbing the “Simfluencer” or “Video Game Streamer” title. 

Depending on your chosen career, you’ll have to report back on your progress until you’ve earned “Mega-Simfluencer” or “Pro-Gamer” status. Do note, though, that the website has no direct affiliation with The Sims brand. 

Will this be the peak of your gaming career? Submissions have opened on Nov. 5—you can try your luck by filling out this form

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Photo from “The Sims 4 Official Free Base Game Launch Trailer” from IGN/YouTube 



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