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UP’s ‘Tao Rin Pala’ reveals the unheard voices of med school students

UP’s ‘Tao Rin Pala’ reveals the unheard voices of med school students

While we’ve personally heard frontliners tell their side of the story, there’s a lot left to uncover when it comes to their plight. It starts right from their school years, which one student organization is trying to push forward.

Founded in 1974, the University of the Philippines Medical Students’ Society’s “Tao Rin Pala” started as a chorale competition for med students to express themselves at a time when censorship was at its peak. Now, the spotlight is back on the healthcare workers and students at “Tao Rin Pala” as they continue to voice their issues—this time, through online means.

While it is the first online edition, the 47th “Tao Rin Pala,” aptly titled “Voices,” still has traces of its old variety show format. According to the announcement, this version will look back at its roots by “delving into numerous relevant and relatable discussions as told through the perspectives of [their] fellow medical students.”

Their preview vid shows clips from news agencies’ pandemic coverage, as these students remind viewers of the humans behind PPEs and white coats. They wrap it up with a pixel animation loop created by Paul Sabado, featuring a med student looking over the city, as it flickers to a scene in an operating room.

Expect more to come on Oct. 13 through their social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. One thing’s for sure—it’s about time they’re heard.

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