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Need a new wlw book to read? Find it in this sapphic lit database


We always want more queer rep in media. But it’s not only good LGBTQ+ rep that we want though, we’re also thirsty for some good storytelling. Too bad some LGBTQ+ storylines evolve into either queerbaiting or just simply heterosexual fetishism—especially for sapphic romances. 

So when we’re done with a good wlw book, where do we turn to for recos?

Everyone, meet sapphicreads, a fan-made Wix site by Twitter user @mahitdzmare who co-runs the LGBTQ+ literature blog @readsrainbow. This database consists of 900 sapphic books and counting. On the site, they categorize books by age, genre and representation they tackle. 

Their collection doesn’t only consist of lesbian literature. They have books that discuss bisexuality, pansexuality, people of color, neurodiversity and disabilties. We’re not kidding when we say they probably have your next fave sapphic lit in their database. 

Of course, the site is simply a reference for various sapphic books. Clicking on a title will redirect you to its Goodreads entry. So yes, these books ain’t free—but their recos are. 

Folks can also send suggested titles on the site. This is a non-profit project after all, so it really is more of a way to catalog wlw novels. It might be a personal project at first glance, but at its communal.

Next time you run out of wlw novels to fawn over, make sure to check out this database. Maybe make it a personal mission to read all of ’em.

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