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Rocketsheep Studio’s adult rom-com ‘Hayop Ka!’ is coming to Netflix


It’s been a great month for local animation films making it on Netflix: First, a homegrown anime series. And now, Rocketsheep Studios’ adult rom-com, “Hayop Ka!

In case you haven’t heard of this curious teleserye-esque film, “Hayop Ka!” follows salescat Nimfa Dimaano (voiced by Angelica Panganiban) who’s torn between two canine hunks: her “macho mongrel” boyfriend Roger (voiced by Robin Padilla) and wealthy business-dog Iñigo (voiced by Sam Milby). A love affair ensues, along with, according to the trailer, “serious drama, sexy romance, and intriguing intrigue.” 

Aside from the soapy romance and star-studded cast, the film also takes us to an open world where animals of different species live among each other and interact daily. Like many teleseryes, the film particularly focuses on the working class and the main character’s high profile encounters (financially struggling MC meets rich love interest trope, anyone?).

As it’s also a comedy, expect punny jokes from the dialogue, or local easter eggs like “Mall of Aso” and “Hotel BiSugo” dropped here and there for you to spot.

And in case you didn’t know, it’s by the same studio behind award-winning animation film “Saving Sally.” Netflix, hey, maybe you could…?

Anyway, “Hayop Ka!” will be streaming on the platform next month, so check out the trailer while you’re at it:


Still from “Hayop Ka!” trailer



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