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Spotted today: This banner at DLSU and the energy we need

We’re still dealing with a lot on our plate of issues right now: COVID-19 response, misplaced priorities, social distancing nightmares, online classes, unemployment―the list never fucking ends.

And on top of that, today marks the 48th anniversary of the Martial Law declaration; nearly five decades (heck, nearly half a century) since the dark era that, surprisingly, people are still divisive about today. 

While the current political climate understandably has many on edge (as it should concern us all), some have had It™, especially whoever this absolute madlad is who was right at it earlier at dawn today.

As posted by Twitter user @pastab0y, a red banner with the words “Oust Duterte” in white was spotted hanging on the gates of De La Salle University (DLSU) on Taft Avenue. Twitter’s living for the unapologetically angry energy, gaining more than 20,000 likes, over 3,000 retweets and tons of praises for DLSU as of writing.

As of writing, the DLSU administration has not yet released an official statement although the school has made its stance on Martial Law pretty clear in the past. While it’s unsure whether this was done by school authorities or not, it’s still pretty significant given that Lasallians are no strangers to activism

Maybe we could take this as a (not-so) gentle reminder to redirect our pent-up energy to things that concern us all and hold our government accountable for all of the issues plaguing the nation. Going off on Twitter is a start, but true change is beyond the virtual worlds we’ve adapted to.


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Photo by Twitter user @pastab0y 


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