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The Team’s Favorites From Last Week (8/15/16)

The Team’s Favorites From Last Week (8/15/16)

In an effort to establish ourselves as tastemaskers, us, the Scout team, listed down our favorites from the past weeks. We may share the same interests, and you may get to know some cool new stuff from this list. That’s cool, right? Think of it as a way of establishing some sort of cyber-friendship. Here are our favorites for this second week of August 2016:

PEPI, Features Editor

1. This Aljazeera roasting of President Duterte’s spokesperson, Ernesto Abella. It’s fucking straight out of Aaron Sorkin’s the Newsroom. I didn’t know Will McAvoy could be a real person.

2. CBTL’s hot chocolate. I can’t remember if it’s always tasted like this, but it’s perfect. Yes, this is a cliche about having hot chocolate in rainy weather. But there’s a reason why it’s a cliche. And no other coffee brand will throw in the little marshmallows for you.

GRACE, Art Director

1. The Alliance winning bronze in Hip Hop International 2016’s Varsity Division – The Alliance is one of my favorite local dance teams and I’m just really glad they won in this year’s HHI. Way to go, The Alliance! Thanks for reppin’ the Philippines! And congratulations to all the other teams who represented our country!


2.  First look at Ezra Miller’s character in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them – And I thought this new Harry Potter film couldn’t get any more exciting that it already is! Can’t wait for this movie to come out so I can properly drool over Eddie Redmayne and Ezra Miller on the big screen.


Photo from Entertainment Weekly

DENISE, Editorial Assistant

1. Jack Wolfskin Pouring Rain ii Jacket – I got this gorgeous mint colored jacket when I was traveling Europe last May. Finally put it to use again now thanks to the weather. And it really is the epitome of water-resistant. I just put the hood up when I need to buy lunch near the office–no need for an umbrella.


2. Gone Are The Days by HONNE – The perfect EP to play on a rainy day!


3. Potato Corner Cheese Fries – This is more of like a forever favorite but I’ve been craving so much of these for the past few weeks. I think I would literally die if there was a Potato Corner stall close to work.


LEX, Editorial Assistant

1. Dumbfoundead’s latest single. – Dumbfoundead pays tribute to a fallen hero. By the way, did you know that the phrase “Dicks out for Harambe” just means “Guns out for Harambe,” like firearms? It’s not meant to be taken literally. If you’re doubting me, ask Young Thug, or whatever Young Thug calls himself right now. He coined that slang.

2. This Jigglypuff tee from Cool Shirtz – I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this shirt outdoors, but I would like other people to buy it for me so I can wear it at home while I look at memes. I’m not joking. Buy me this shirt for my birthday.




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