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Wes Anderson has another WIP (yeah, besides ‘The French Dispatch’)

Filmmakers are on a roll this year―Makoto Shinkai has a new tearjerker up his sleeves, Wong Kar-wai’s prepping for a possibly futuristic “Chungking Express” sequel and now, Wes Anderson is taking us back to Italy for a new film.

As reported by DiscussingFilm and The Film Stage (as well as listed on Production Weekly’s Issue 1211), Anderson’s untitled WIP is set to begin production in March 2021. Here’s what we know about the film so far:

  • Anderson will be writing, directing and producing this romance movie
  • Casting is starting to come together, with the lead roles most likely filled out
  • One of the possible locations for shooting is Rome, Italy
  • American Empirical Pictures and Indian Paintbrush are both on board
  • The film will be a fusion of live-action and stop-motion

There’s not a lot of info yet about the plot or characters, but knowing Anderson, it’s likely that we’ll witness his professed love for Italian cinema (just look at how he flexed his craft with this Prada short.)

While you wait for more juicy deets (and for “The French Dispatch” to actually drop), we gotchu: Here are other films from directors you can check out (not quite the next “Grand Budapest Hotel,” but hits pretty close to the Wes Anderson vibe).


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