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Turn your ugly handwriting into a font type with this website


It’s been a couple of years since I experienced academic dread. Still, I am quite familiar with the pain of writing notes.

Do they help us with memorization? Yes. Is it effective in keeping our mind active? Totally. That being said, note taking still gives us hand cramps and also chicken scratch writings in order to keep up with the lecture.

We can cope with this dread in 2020 now. I quote Patrick Star, we have technology.

Meet calligraphr, your new notes taking buddy. This website scans your handwriting and turns it into a font type. Your handwriting might be worse than Papyrus, but at least we can forget what hand cramps feel like.

This website went viral when Explained PH spotted a student sharing their experience using calligraphr. Using it is quite simple, really. You just print out a template, write the alphabet, scan it and voila—your questionable handwriting is now a font.

Try it out for yourself here. We don’t have a solution for surviving video conferencing yet, but at least note taking will be a breeze.

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