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Books for Less’ free shipping offer makes my wallet cry

This was going to be the year when I saved money. But no, I am still the same spendthrift deadbeat as last year. It doesn’t help that I have a book hoarding problem like everyone else. 

So when Books for Less announced they’re doing free shipping, I wanted to throw my finances outside the window and cry. Why are they tempting my weak-willed ass with this?

On Sept. 24, the chain thrift bookstore began to do free shipping for their online patrons. It is however for customers located in Metro Manila only (hopefully, they’ll branch out). For a minimum purchase of P1,000, they can send your fresh cheap paperbacks and hardbounds without any cost. 

If you think this is the year you’ll stop book hoarding, you’re sorely mistaken. It doesn’t help that thrift bookstores like Booksale have also migrated online. This won’t be an easy task for broke book hoarders like us. 

Check out their post for more deets.

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