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In the name of mental health, EK is opening its doors

The amusement park of every grade school field trip, Enchanted Kingdom (EK), is opening its doors before the year ends.

Yesterday, EK announced its reopening via social media. “SAVE THE DATE as we welcome you back to #EnchantedKingdom this OCTOBER 17, 2020 (Saturday),” reads their caption. “From #EldarTheWizard and all of us here at EK, we hope to see you on your next safe and magical getaway!”

Health and safety guidelines will be in place and of course, social distancing, masks and face shields will be mandatory. However, only folks from 21 to 59 years old will be allowed to enter the park, which will accommodate only 8,500 people at any given time in compliance with government guidelines. 

The park will be open during weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ’til Christmas arrives. According to Enchanted Kingdom Inc.’s chief operating officer Cynthia Mamon, the park will be open daily starting Dec. 14, but this is still tentative.

When asked why EK is opening its doors now, Mamon responds “we need this to preserve our mental health.” 

Will a roller coaster ride or a jungle log drop cure my mental disarray brought by the plague? Are they better than Manila Bay’s white sands? Or spontaneous out of town trips to Boracay? 

I wouldn’t know ’cause I’ll be staying at home. The pandemic ain’t over just yet, in case everyone forgot. And it seems like some of us are trying to forget. 

Let’s see if they’ll apply Japan’s “don’t scream and be serious” roller coaster rule inside the Space Shuttle. That’ll be hilarious.

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