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After 400+ years, UST finally gets a new drainage system

If there’s something España boulevard is notorious for, it’s definitely those floods.

Students get initiated  twice at the University of Santo Tomas (UST). First, thru the freshie walk, and then the floods that greet every school year.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that the floods always land the headlines whenever moderate to heavy rains visit the metro. Fortunately, the flood-stricken campus may finally have a solution for this centuries-old problem. 

UST students, meet your new storm water drainage system. At last, you’re no longer required to waterproof yourself in the future (or at least, that’s what we’re hoping for). 

“The usual perils of flooding that the Manila campus endures will soon be held at bay, as the stormwater drainage flood mitigation project of the University nears completion,” said the university in a recent Facebook post. The tunnel-like structure meant to prevent floods from coming inside the university is 75 percent completed, the post added. 

Although the drainage system immediate benefit may not yet be that palpable to Thomasians who are taking online classes amid the pandemic, the collective hope is that the structure would prove its worth in the next rainfall.

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