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Boy Pablo’s unreal cardboard tour is my fave delusion

Boy Pablo’s unreal cardboard tour is my fave delusion

Is this real life or is this just fantasy? That pretty much sums up our default reaction to everything that happened this year. From start to finish, 2020 has been rather consistent.

But you know what they say, behind any WTF-inducing moment is hella huge adjustments and Big Brain moments. Boy Pablo, who’s been extra productive this quarantine with his Wachito Rico cinematic universe, has his own contribution: standees.

Yesterday, Boy Pablo dropped the poster of the Paper Pablo Tour, a cardboard cutout tour that has apparently already begun on Dec. 2. You know the drill: It’s not a real tour, but the Boy Pablo standee is. Kind of. From London to Tokyo, it’s a mystery if you can catch a glimpse of the non-living, non-breathing musician or it’s just a virtual delusion. But whatever, we want the same thing here in the Philippines. 

To add to the figurative commotion, Boy Pablo has posted photos of the standee in different spots in Berlin. “Paper pablo touuurrr, wasup Berlin!!” the “Hey Girl” artist said. I don’t know about you, but the vibes are the same with the robots that proxied for graduating students in Taguig—the cyberpunk awardee of the year. Seeing people in the flesh? That’s so 2019.


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Art by Yel Sayo

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