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Official SB19 merch is sold out—but we’re getting a restock


A’TIN just got luckier. 

SB19’s 2020 blessings hasn’t  stopped just yet. Now, they’re giving back to their biggest support system—A’TIN.  

Fans are finally, finally getting the merch drop they deserve. The P-pop group’s official merch are now in JNKPH on Lazada and Facebook. And so far, it’s looking pretty good. The P-Pop group made the announcement today on its social media account  to give us the full merch rundown that ranges from light sticks to album packages and photocards.

These collectibles, you could say, are worth the panic Twitter is having. 

To loyal stans and hardcore fans of the chart-topping P-Pop group, I have nothing but respect. Why? The fandom just crashed into JNK PH’s Lazada, where it was exclusively sold, and all the merch were sold out fast (as in within six hours after the official announcement). Now, that’s what you call support.

Don’t fret, A’TIN, SB19 heard you. The loyalty is too overwhelming to let things be limited for a day. While others cry for not being swift enough to score even a USB card, there’s a second chance to cop the collectible you missed. 

JNK Ph Trading’s Facebook page and Lazada will post updates on the restock tomorrow so be sure to put your e-shopping skillz to the test.

If you ain’t lucky today, that might change on their second restock. Be quick though—who knows when the third restock will drop?

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Still from SB19’s “Alab”



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