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Get hyperspecific self-care tips for your star sign via this site

Get hyperspecific self-care tips for your star sign via this site

There’s no doubt 2020 is a burnout year.

Quite frankly, this year hasn’t been a friend to anyone’s mental health. Privileged is the word you’re looking for if you claim to be okay throughout this hell year. On Apr. 29, chief of the National Center for Mental Health Dr. Roland Cortez revealed that depression rose during quarantine. Color us shocked, but not surprised. 

We deal with breakdowns and other mental episodes more than we should this quarantine. But do you know what a lot of people usually forget? Self-care. Although sometimes, you don’t know where to begin, especially if you haven’t thought of prioritizing yourself for a while.

And while not everyone is down with astrology, there’s a site that indicates which self-care routine might be useful to you based on your birth chart. 

Enter The Cosmic Rx birth chart decoder, a site created by the spiritual self-care shop The Cosmic Rx for zodiac believers/skeptics in need of a “treat yourself” day. 

Just like any birth chart generator, users need to place their birth time, date and location. They take into account your sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Mars and Venus. Once they’ve decoded your chart, the site will give specific self-care tips tailored to your signs, like starting your day in the sun or surrounding yourself with nice scents. 

Astrology isn’t a substitute for therapy. Well, of course we all know that. But this site is a nifty guide even for skeptics. Sometimes, we don’t know what self-care we want so why not say “fuck it” and leave it for the stars to decide?

Using a birth chart decoder won’t kill you. Go ahead and try it here, so you can finally take care of yourself (PS. it works better on mobile). 

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