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Sorry, folks: 2020 has canceled Frank Ocean’s new music

Sorry, folks: 2020 has canceled Frank Ocean’s new music

Hey, remember when we were hyped for Frank Ocean’s new music? Like most things these days, we can just bask in those memories because Frank Ocean has just canceled his vinyl release.

The singer/songwriter’s team broke the news via a recent email. “Due to the events of this year, Frank will no longer be releasing the song that you purchased on vinyl,” the message read. “We will be refunding your purchase of this item and any additional items in your order will begin shipping next week. We are grateful for your understanding and are wishing you love, positivity, and health.”

Stans can recall that earlier this year, Frank Ocean announced release plans of a 7” vinyl for a track called “Little Demon,” which is an Arca remix featuring Skepta. In a plot twist befitting Ocean, listeners who pre-ordered it were given a sweet lil’ treat, as the team informed them that the track would be replaced with a brand new unreleased Frank Ocean song. Details of the track—like its title—are kept lowkey, and with its cancellation, we may not really know them in the foreseeable future. 

While you’re busy sobbing over that, you can always stream “Blonde” to soothe your existential crisis today. Trust me, it’s foolproof.

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