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S/O to Blackpink, I’m prioritizing slow and steady transformation


Alexa play “Reinvent Your World.” 

Like the true Gs that they are, the girls of Blackpink are sending a strong message of reinvention—and I’m here for it. The past year has been a burden to say the least, and this year, renewal is on top of my list. 

One of their recent videos says it all: Against a cool, dreamlike backdrop, we witness a particular end stage of Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé’s badass metamorphosis. Stepping into their world means being pulled towards the idea of stronger connections in a hellish disposition. At a time of avatars and virtual relationships, how do we take our place? If the internet can dictate our identity, how can we go against the tide?  Thanks to Blackpink’s “Reinvent Your World” a.k.a. the anthem of desires, the no-B.S. energy is out here and thriving.  


It’s a matter of choosing to evolve, as Blackpink would say and has done  since the start of their chart-topping career. From serving us looks and taking big risks to collaborating with Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga, and overstaying in our heads rent-free (all thanks to their artistry), Blackpink has become our go-to in stepping up our game. Unrivaled energy and fire moves? Blinks will tell you to look no further. 

That’s why at some point, we need neither the pretense of positivity or a strict regimen to accomplish our goals. Work at our own pace, if possible. Be mindful of our own strengths and weaknesses. In the words of Blackpink, “Why don’t you watch me do my thing?” 

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