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Don’t worry, these 5 astrology apps won’t troll you


ICYMI this week, a certain astrology app creator admitted to “trolling” its users who are supposedly going through good timings. (Yeah, apparently “start a cult” was a legit push notif.)

If you’re on the lookout for a new go-to astrology app, here are a few that astrology enthusiasts on the internet have recommended. Each of these offer something different from the others, so take your pick and use what works best for you. 

Just note that these are all free for download, though some still have paywalls for deeper interpretations.


The Pattern

Available on iOS and Android

Yeah, this is the app that made Channing Tatum have that Twitter moment. If you’re interested in interpretations and compatibility between people, The Pattern is a good app to start with. It’s kind of like a social media platform that tracks your transits (calling them “cycles”) to give you a customized, personal interpretation. It even lets you compare your profile with other people and show shared patterns in your cycles. 

You can add and interact with friends, or make custom profiles of friends and family so you can see how well y’all vibe with each other. Though it doesn’t show your actual birth chart, the app provides some pretty great (sometimes scarily accurate) personal insight, from commending you on your growth to calling you out on commitment issues.


Time Passages

Available on iOS and Android

This is another highly recommended app. It shows you a zoomable version of your birth chart, complete with explanations for every planet and aspect. Your personal chart is free, along with explanations on the sun, moon and rising signs of additional charts. Other features like comparisons would need payment for access.

There’s a lot of features here that may be confusing for some, but what’s great about this app is there’s a glossary of terms. The “Learn” tab has everything baby astrology enthusiasts like me would appreciate. 



Available on iOS

This app has tons of psychological and spiritual tools to help assess your personality and provide insight with the power of artificial intelligence. It also has a journaling feature, which analyzes your writing with AI to give you insight about your personality.

It’s less about astrology and more about self-assessment, letting the user rediscover things about themselves in fun, engaging ways. Like The Pattern, it lets you interact with friends and communities. There are even games, plus you can customize your own avatar (aka the only reason I’m regretting that I’m not an iPhone user).



Available on iOS and Android

Don’t be fooled by this app’s clunky interface. AstroMatrix has a lot to offer that’s not on every astrology app: tarot reading, detailed personality overview, time-specific horoscope and even sun sign interpretations of famous people. 

No need to download a separate moon app, this app’s got that covered, too. And if you’re worried about those dreaded Mercury retrograde cycles, it’s all here, too. The first one’s in two weeks already, so heads up.


Sanctuary Astrology

Available on iOS and Android

This might be one of my favorites on this list. Sanctuary offers the typical astrology app package: free daily horoscope and interpretations of your birth chart, the planet and its aspects, with more intimate reading locked with a paywall. 

But what I love about this one is it presents info in bits and pieces. Tapping the button at the bottom of the chatbox-like interface creates a friendly atmosphere, like you’re talking to a friend who knows you down to a T. Plus, those GIFs add that extra touch of wit.


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