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These Pokémon chocolates are made for you and your equally weeb S.O.


A month from now, you’re gonna see heart decorations in establishments, couples posting LSMs (long sweet messages) and single people lamenting about their single status on social media.

Yep, Valentine’s Day is coming. And if you’ve got a weeb S.O. or you’re a weeb who’s got an equally weeb S.O. (congrats, match made in heaven), consider these Pokémon-shaped chocolates for the occasion.

Pokémon is teaming up with Japanese confectionery company Matsukazeya for a special set of Valentine’s Day chocolates. Catch your favorite Pokémon in delectable chocolate form: Pikachu, Mew, Dragonite, Ditto and Eevee, plus a Poké Ball and cute tiny edible stars.

Some chocolate sets even come with goodies like keychains, lunch boxes, magnet tins and pouches to store some leftover chocolate (or you know, just keep them as souvenirs). 

Prices range from ¥648 to ¥1,650 (or about P300 to P763), depending on the size of the chocolate box and the extra goodies you’ll throw in there. You can check out Pokémon’s official Japanese website for other deets. 


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