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OMG, “Voltes V: Legacy” might not be a flop

“Voltes V” kids, GMA’s live-action remake might actually be good. And that’s a sentence I never thought I’d type.  

After dropping a teaser last month, the local television network left a lot of older Gen Z kids and OG fans of this ’70s mecha anime anticipating for more. Some of us got excited while others dreaded another locally botched CGI series. But with the “Voltes V: Legacy” trailer drop today, it seems like this live-action series has something to prove. 

Directed by Mark Reyes (“Encantadia”), the trailer took us straight back to our childhood afternoons. We get to see pivotal scenes straight from the anime come to life, teasing us with a clip of Camp Big Falcon, the skull-headed Boazanian spaceship and a full-body shot of Voltes V drawing its gigantic sword. 

TOEI Animation, the studio that gave us anime classics like “Dragon Ball” and “Sailor Moon,” will be collaborating with Riot Inc. Post Production to bring “Voltes V” to life. It can either be a huge game changer in local television or a huge flop and a letdown to boot. 

So far, there’s no news on the release date and who will star in the reboot. It’s only a trailer and the teaser from last month for now. Most likely, we’ll get more news about it this year. 

There’s a lot riding on this reboot from the beginning. And now that the trailer’s dropped—the stakes for “Voltes V: Legacy” to not flop are higher. 

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Still from “Voltes V: Legacy”


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