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Alex Bruce daydreams about SB19’s Justin in ‘Yakap’ MV


Our homie Alex Bruce just dropped her “Yakap” MV, and guess who’s in it? A’TIN, we know you already know.

P-pop group SB19’s youngest member (and director of that emotional ride “Hanggang Sa Huli”) Justin de Dios is the love interest in this dreamscape, giving us coming-of-age vibes with comfortable silent gaming moments, pentel pen tattooing and pillow fights.

Known for being the hip-hop baddie that she is, Alex got to show her gentle side in this MV. She wrote “Yakap” (alongside her dad and producer) as a tribute to young love. The MV also showcases soft little details about Alex (peep those cute little owl Beanie Boos and her personal artwork).

Their behind-the-scenes meet-cute was pretty adorable: A shy Alex digging Justin’s K-drama lead-esque style: “innocently good-looking and very much charismatic,” she said in a press release. 

Justin’s just as impressed with Alex, and wanted A’TIN to get to know her as “she could be a source of inspiration for a lot of young dreamers too,” he said in the same release.

Mentally, we’re with Alex in this K-drama fantasy. Watch the MV here:


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Still from “Yakap” MV



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