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Is it a rapper or a Y2K virus? Take this quiz and find out


Admit it or not, we’re a little curious how rappers create their artist names. Something tells me there’s a deeper reference than the obvious six and nine in how the name 6ix9ine came about. For those into that weirdly niche info, there’s now a  quiz that brushes up on your knowledge on rapper names and, well, early 2000s viruses.

The burning question: Was it a rapper who had gone viral once or was it a computer virus? The often confusing similarities between these naming choices can be said to be influenced by early software names, programming vocabulary and malwares. This time, we take up that challenge to identify which is which.

Created by Promon, an app security company based in Norway, the quiz called “Rapper or Malware” features “10 notorious computer viruses and 10 rappers signed to professional labels during the 2010s, highlighting the ongoing influence of internet-speak on wider pop culture.”

The company also drew on a thousand members from both the hip-hop and cybersecurity industry to take the quiz, resulting in an average score of 70 percent for rap fans and 61 percent for cybersecurity professionals. 

Here’s a cheat sheet: Some of the names in the quiz include Wifisfuneral (rapper), Gh0stRAT (malware), CupcakKe (rapper) and CozyDuke (malware).

Go to Promon’s website and test it for yourself.

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