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This generator turns you into international icon™ Lo-fi Hip-hop Girl


We all know the lo-fi hip-hop radio “Beats to Relax/Study to” girl. She’s an icon of our times, a beacon of hope for late-night crammers. Now, we mere mortals can turn ourselves into the spitting image of the icon—thanks, of course, to Picrew.

Created by artist Arideo for Picrew (the site responsible for those artistic default pics all over timeline), the paper doll-esque generator recreates the YouTube 24/7 stream’s artwork, adapted from the original piece by JP Machado. The Picrew lets you pick and choose from a variety of changeable elements, including facial hair, prosthetic arms, and yes, the iconic headphones itself, which can be switched to AirPods, in case that’s more up your speed.

This generator turns you into international icon™ Lo-fi Hip-hop girl

Hey, that’s me!

To create your next Twitter default photo—trust me, it’s inevitable—head to the Picrew generator here.

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Photo from Arideo’s Lo-fi Hip-hop Maker



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