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An 8bit Picrew generates our supernatural selves in a dating app


Here’s a not-so-secret secret: We all dream to be part of a fanfic trope. From enemies-to-lovers to fake relationships, there’s gotta be room for our non-emotionally constipated hours somewhere. 

Well, artist @Bumblie_ on Twitter has decided to do God’s work through a Picrew. In charming 8bit visuals, they made a generator visualizing the dating app we deserve: playful colors, dialog boxes that sound like personal attacks and a wide range of changeable looks. The cherry on top? Supernatural elements. 

So, you get the picture. If you’re in the mood to say “Maybe we could just stay friends…” in red horns and bear claws or ask “You like me?!?!” with all the doubt your sparkly eyes could muster, then so be it. We also love how it’s inclusive as users can wear Pride badges and hijabs, too.

Create your dating sim here and make that unexpected confession happen.

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Picrew by @Bumblie_ on Twitter 

Banner art by Yel Sayo




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