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10 thoughts while watching Phum Viphurit’s ‘Pluto’ live sesh


Like us, Phum Viphurit’s longing for live shows skyrocketed during the year [redacted]. Watching the Thai singer-songwriter—not in music festivals but through his Instagram stories—could clue you in on how he’s missed crowded, intimate sets as much as the fan reminiscing about it. 

But they also tell you how much he tried to keep his creativity running. He skates. He plays drums. He even continues to make music (legends say “Wings” still helps me get a good night’s sleep). This rings true to his closing love letter on EP “Bangkok Balter Club” posted yesterday, Mar. 16 as he rediscovered old passions.

And along with the message is a live session video for “Pluto,” a track off his EP. “Though the tune is [somber], I hope it brings a calm to you like it has done for me,” he confessed across his social media pages. 

TBH, my feeling for this song hasn’t changed: It’s the same punch of nostalgia, isolation and slow-and-steady energy I never knew could sting me. But watching the video is a whole ‘nother discussion.

Since I’m still riding on its waves, I’ve listed down my thoughts while following Phum’s nighttime stroll.

  1. Love how the cars and motorcycles sound as loud as the guitar strumming in the intro. (Or is it just my lack of outdoor interaction creeping in? I’ll never know.)
  2. Somewhere in the video, you could spy a remnant of the political unrest in Thailand (and other countries, too). Makes me remember Phum’s constant reminders to read up on the protests. 
  3. For once, I don’t feel guilty about—please don’t hate me I’m hardwired to be productive all the time—calming down. Thanks for rolling the punches for me. 
  4. I, too, would like to ask time to pull its brakes while I go through an underpass. 
  5. Tag yourself, I’m that “Fuck COVID-19” graffiti. 
  6. Ah, the universal subtweet that is “time please be kind, time please rewind.” (Hello, my impending deadline.)
  7. This song being named after the draft planet (who didn’t make the cut in the solar system) reminds me of all the unexpected last goodbyes the pandemic forced us to do.
  8. Two words: Phum’s ‘fit. It’s the vintage grandpa fashion we all aspire to rock. 
  9. It’s official: “Pluto (Live Session)” wins as our Personal Attack video of the week.
  10. Phum, if you’re reading this, can you lead the OST of my coming-of-age film in the not-so-near future? Let me know. 

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