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Vibe Check: What new habit should you start soon?

Show of hands: Who here prioritizes anything but themselves?

To no one’s surprise, we tend to pull ourselves out of the priority basket when life demands us a lot of stuff—especially at a challenging time like this. We all have different 24 hours and unfortunately, a lot of people’s schedules are too packed to even check on themselves. If you feel seen, don’t close this tab. 

Let this quiz guide you in case you need to throw that “how are you?” to yourself, as you keep bypassing the bad habits that add weight to your daily routine. Note that we can’t possibly detect everything, but this quick evaluation can be a good start. 

So, you accidentally stepped inside a time machine and went back to grade school. Which club do you sign up for?

In a COVID-free universe, you meet with your friends. What’s the first thing they say?

What’s the title of your constant playlist?

Which Taylor Swift lyric speaks to your soul?

Lastly, what’s one of your biggest problems with yourself?

Vibe Check: What new habit should you start soon?
Catch enough Zzzs
Whether you’re knee-deep into fan fiction or just a fan of mindless scrolling, sleeping isn’t particularly your priority. But like any other enemies-to-lovers story, your alarm clock can be your friend. The next best step? Adapt sleeping habits that suit you. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but here’s a tip: drink a glass of milk. BEAR BRAND® ADULT PLUS will not only serve you some restful hours, but will keep you energized—now with more iron and zinc—once you’re ready to get up and go.
Smell some grass
The internet is your favorite place, so much that you tend to overstay. Online fatigue? It’s there but you might not even notice it. While we can’t blame you for being screen-dependent because you probably need the buzz (we’ve been there too), a social media break might be useful. Once you get the chance, cut down your screen time, rest your eyes (and headspace), and find a new hobby. I, too, have tried escaping from the online noise once—thanks to a good book and a glass of BEAR BRAND® ADULT PLUS. With more iron and zinc, the drink might just be the reset we deserve.
Make time for yourself
Your friends know it’s difficult to reach you because you’d probably ghost them again with all your drowning tasks. Nothing bad with getting that bread—until your deadlines take over even that sacred “me time.” You see, productivity can also mean taking that well-deserved break, too. You need to know when to stop. And as resting comes in different forms, we have a reco that you probably won’t feel guilty about. Drink a glass of BEAR BRAND® ADULT PLUS plus (which, by the way, is packed with more iron and zinc.) It’s a win-win situation if you’d ask me.
Get organized, kid
Ah yes, the master procrastinator. Or maybe you just don’t feel the vibe of being motivated yet? You pride yourself on probably anything other than finishing tasks on time—and you’re not happy about it. It’s okay, we see it and we get it. So, the game plan. Well, mastering the art of organization isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. Keeping a journal? Setting an alarm every 15 minutes? Finishing all the hard stuff first? Whatever that is, do know that you’ll need to adjust for some time so don’t give up yet. In case you get overwhelmed, a glass of BEAR BRAND® ADULT PLUS—now with more iron and zinc—on your table can help keep you going through the day.

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