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Local good boi Tofu Chan is in need of your virtual pats

Local good boi Tofu Chan is in need of your virtual pats

On tough days, all we want is to cuddle up in our cocoons, munch on something sweet, and get on the internet to pat a virtual dog. So, we present this: a website that lets you do just that. (The virtual dog patting, not anything else.)

Internet-famous dog Tofu Chan—known for his motivational speeches, booming music career, and love of bread—is the proud owner of a site called “One Million Pats,” which lets you virtually pet him by sliding the cursor (or swiping left and right) on his moving image.

This site lets you virtually pet the goodest boi™ Tofu Chan

Look ma, I’m the 36,310,000th pat!

As the site’s name implies, Tofu Chan’s initial goal was a grand total of 1,000,000 pats. But he has long gone past that feat, now that the site currently has 36,000,000 pats and counting. (As he deserves.)

Interested virtual petters can head to One Million Pats for some extra serotonin and lovin’ from this goodest of all bois. And when you’re done with that, you can click on “Wobble Tob” for a surprise or binge everything in the Tofu Chan cinematic universe

Elsewhere in soft and wholesome™ content, here are a few shows to watch for that extra dose of mental sugar. You’re welcome. 

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