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What are your top Taylor Swift songs? This quiz will let you know

What are your top Taylor Swift songs? This quiz will let you know

Like any other fan out there, answering the question “What’s your favorite Taylor Swift track?” sounds absolutely illegal. How do you even pick something out of nine studio albums, especially when you haven’t had honest closure (.mp3) from “Folklore,” “Evermore,” and Taylor’s Version of “Fearless?” 

But it needs to be answered, sooner or later. If you’re ready for that type of judgment day, Swiftie-slash-Tumblr user jesseepinkman created a “Taylor Swift song sorter,” which I discovered through Chats and Reacts’ song ranking vlog.

The gist: In each “battle,” two Taylor Swift songs (from the same album or not) are pitted against each other for your judgment. If you have a hard time taking a side, you can either click “I Like Both” or “No Opinion,” though the catch is that the process might take longer. And I’m telling you, it’s going to be a journey. I, myself, am still at Battle #53, and by the looks of Chats and Reacts’ experience, it could reach up to 200. 

What’s cool about this, however, is the constant adrenaline while thinking about how this generator-based ranking might turn out to be different from what you expected (or what you manually do on your Notes app). Is “All Too Well” really your ride-or-die? Are you a full-fledged “August” apologist? Maybe we can only find out here. 

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