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Liza Soberano is BGYO’s spy boss in ‘The Baddest’ MV

Liza Soberano is BGYO’s spy boss in ‘The Baddest’ MV

If you’ve ever had a Liza Soberano-starring, gender-bent “Charlie’s Angels”-slash-“Bad Blood” concept in your P-pop bucket list, then thank BGYO’s members because, boy, do they have you covered.

The five-piece group recently made its comeback with single “The Baddest,” along with an equally explosive music video—in the literal sense. Produced by YouMeUsMNL, the BGYO sci-fi MV features Gelo, Akira, JL, Nate, and Mikki as their super-spy alter-egos gearing up to face an otherworldly opponent plaguing the city. (Hint: It’s the alien serpent in the sky.)

With a flurry of sci-fi effects and action-packed montages, “The Baddest” introduces each member and their respective roles in the spy crew. The vid reaches its climax when Soberano’s Binibining Haliya—the head honcho of the Ace Elite Secret Service—saunters into the picture like their very own Nick Fury as she assigns them to their next death-defying mission. And yes, BGYO does all that while bopping to energized lines like “Feel her power, she’ll take charge over you / Baddest of ’em all.”

I, for one, am hoping for a sequel, primarily because of two reasons: 1) to sate my curiosity in knowing where the hell that alien dragon came from, and 2) BGYO as secret agents is just Chef’s Kiss™, and I’ll take any excuse to get it.

Anyway, you can see what I mean. Watch “The Baddest” below.

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Still from “The Baddest” MV



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