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Carpe Damn, These Shirts Look Fresh

Carpe Damn, These Shirts Look Fresh

When Tomorrow got onto our radar, we didn’t know what to expect. What can you infer from a brand that’s named after the day from today? I don’t think as far as that. I’m thinking about my deadlines today, man. Tomorrow looks so far away.

But the brand wants you to think otherwise. The label released their debut collection with a lookbook entitled “You’re Always A Day Away,” featuring a set of printed tees with the brand’s logo on it. It’s simple and easy-looking, and come to think of it the brand looks like a local Ader Error.

Created by Andrew Panopio (of She’s Only Sixteen) and Tim Lopez, the two designers promote the brand with a positive message.”We wanted something that could represent hope, dreams, and optimism,” shares Tim in a quick interview. “Something that would resonate with people when they see or hear it without being too imposing. We felt like ‘Tomorrow’ really captures that spirit.” But he also acknowledges how ambiguous the brand can sound like. “It’s new, it’s open, it’s hopeful. It throws you off and gets you to reflect on what you’re doing tomorrow. But we understand that it can be mysterious, or uncertain, and we can be anxious about what could happen on the next day. But we continue to dream, and we still hope. We look forward to the possibility that tomorrow can be great. And if it isn’t, that’s okay because there’s always another tomorrow. It’s always just a day away ?”

Tomorrow is launching the collection this September 1 at Route 196, featuring artists Cheats, Arthur Tan, Miguel and Chiko Hernandez, Tandems ‘ 91, She’s Only Sixteen, and Shadow Moses.

Peep some photos from their lookbook below:






Photography by JP Talapian
Makeup by Rachel Manalac
Styling and Art Direction by Mags Ocampo
Worn by Arianna Mercado and Iggy San Pablo
Produced by Tomorrow


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