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Want a #CloserChristmas with your crush? Here are 5 tips to get closer to them

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to have fun this season than to spend it with your loved ones? Of course, spending the holidays with your family is always a great time, but what if we tell you that there’s also a way to spend it with your crush?

Let’s be real: We all have our own holiday wish lists, and for some, what they want most is a special someone they could spend Christmas with. So, if your ultimate wish is to get your crush to finally notice you, here are some tips you can try out.

Make some small talk with them 

We get it, it’s pretty tempting to stick to admiring your crush from afar and sneaking glances at them when they’re not looking. But hey, if you really want to get your crush to notice you, you’re going to have to talk to them. If you’re not sure where to start with the small talk, take a peek at their IG to see their hobbies and interests. 

If you’re feeling particularly bold, you can get them a nice little present for Christmas based on what you’ve learned from the small convos you’ve had with them. After all, it’s nice to get a gift from someone because that present reminded them of you—it’s a subtle but sure way to let your crush know that they’re on your mind. 

Make them laugh 

If you feel like you have a grasp of what their sense of humor is like, try to make them laugh. Maybe they like having a good laugh at funny TikTok videos or maybe they like memes. Tag them when these posts appear on your feed. If you can make your crush laugh, you’re definitely doing something right.

Offer your crush help when they need it

Christmas is a pretty busy time of the year. One way to get your crush to notice you is to offer them help when they need it. Studying for exams? Be their study buddy. Catching up on work? Offer to share their workload with you, so you can conquer the deadlines together. Helping is a great way to show your crush that you care about them. It’s also an effective way to establish the fact that you’re someone that they can rely on. 

Ask them out 

Asking them out could be pretty terrifying, but think of it this way: You don’t really have anything to lose by doing it, right? It could be a simple invitation to eat lunch together, or even just to get coffee. Spending time with your crush and getting to know them better is an excellent way of getting them to notice you. (Christmas parties are in abundance this season—why not invite your crush?)

Try getting physically closer

Our tips so far have mostly been about getting closer to your crush by getting to know them, but here’s one last tip: why not get closer to them, literally? 

For this one, you would need to read some body language. Don’t creep them out by trying to get closer to them if they seem uncomfortable with it. Try innocent touches, like pretending they had a strand of hair on their shoulder or patting their arm when you’re having a good laugh over a joke. 

Bonus tip: Exert more effort to look your best in front of them

This bonus tip might sound intimidating at first, but don’t worry—it’s not about splurging on a bunch of expensive clothes to look cute in front of your crush. This tip is actually more about going back to the basics: great hygiene. It might seem like a super basic tip, but it really does go a long way. So, before you plan out your OOTDs for your meetups with crushie, make sure you have your hygiene routine all set first. After all, great hygiene makes one extra attractive.

And of course, great hygiene includes using great toothpaste for fresh breath. If you’re planning to get closer to crushie this Christmas, closeup can help you take that step. With antibacterial zinc to help fight bacteria breath for all-day freshness (up to 12 hours with regular use), you won’t have to worry about having bad breath when you speak with them face-to-face. 

Still not sure if you have what it takes to get closer to crushie? Watch this MV, it might inspire you to shoot your shot.

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