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Comic book ‘Dreamwalker’ is officially getting a live-action TV series

What would you do if you have the ability to enter people’s dreams and recover weapons to use against supernatural entities from Filipino folklore? Seems far-fetched but a new book-to-series adaptation will offer you a peek into this adventure.

Announced on Feb. 1, the action-fantasy comic “Dreamwalker” is now getting a live-action TV series adaptation to be directed by “Birdshot” and “Deleter” director Mikhail Red. 

The series tells the tale of Kat, a Filipino-American who—after a near-death experience—gains the ability to recover weapons from people’s dreams to fight Filipino folklore entities and uncover the secrets behind these monster threats.

According to Variety, “Dreamwalker’s” first season is set to highlight Kat’s origins returning to the Philippines in “under mysterious circumstances.”

“Dreamwalker” is an action-fantasy comic book by Filipino-American writer Mikey Sutton and artist Noel Layon Flores. Produced by 108 Media, the London- and Singapore-based media company sees the upcoming series as a multi-season universe show, aiming to air in Asia for regional audiences in 2024.

Kat will be played by actress Kate Valdez, the actual inspiration of the comic, as revealed by Mikey. “​​I saw her on the GMA drama ‘Onanay’ and her emotionally rich performance and timeless beauty made me declare her the Next Big Thing,” Mikey said. In 2022, Kate expressed her disbelief and gratefulness for the opportunity.

Mikey also recently wrote on Instagram admiring Mikhail’s work: “What an honor! ‘Eerie’ influenced my comic. Wow!”

Treb Monteras II, director of Cinemalaya 2017 best film “Respeto,” is “Dreamwalker’s” showrunner, while award-winning Los Angeles-based director Kaitlyn Fae Fajilan is the head writer.

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