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PSA: ‘Bar Boys’ (musical version) is in development


Less than a week after the 2022 Bar exam results, aspiring lawyers (or students in general) can get an extra boost from another upcoming source. Filipino film “Bar Boys,” which made its premiere in 2017 as part of the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino lineup, has a musical adaptation underway. 

On Apr. 22, the feature film’s official Facebook page announced that the musical version of the comedy-drama is currently in the works. Further details are still under wraps, except for the fact that “Mula Sa Buwan” director-writer Pat Valera will be the one to adapt and write.

Helmed by Kip Oebanda (director-writer of “Liway”), “Bar Boys” spotlights four friends-slash-legal management graduates played by Carlo Aquino, Rocco Nacino, Enzo Pineda, and Kean Cipriano. On the day of the law entrance exam results, they find out that only three of them made the cut. The three boys, who come from different financial backgrounds, then embark on a roller coaster of a journey in law school—loaded with humiliation, stress, and disappointment—all while trying to keep their personal lives and friendship intact. And of course there’s a bit of League of Legends in it. 

In July 2022, the page posted what looks like the first page of the film’s sequel, “Bar Boys: After School” with Kip, Zig Dulay, and Carlo Enciso Catu in the credits. 

Whether that was an official teaser of what’s to come or just wishful thinking, we can’t help but connect this with another clue posted this month: A conversation snippet between retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Hernandez (Odette Khan)—the film’s law school dean—and Christian (Enzo Pineda). They get pensive on the concepts of success and failure. The “Bar Boys” team shortly clarified that it wasn’t part of the 2017 film’s script—which intrigued more people about a possible part two. Are we going to witness the story’s continuation in the musical?

Apart from being an almost-two-hour law school life preview, “Bar Boys” enjoyers seem to have found inspiration from the film’s take on growth and failure. Stills pop up on the TLs every now and then, especially from that tarpaulin scene. IYKYK.

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