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8 thoughts while watching SB19’s ‘I Want You’ MV for the first time

I haven’t fully recovered from (and learned) “Gento’s” choreography yet, but SB19 is back again with a new release.

Two weeks ago, SB19 released “I Want You,” a soulful follow-up after their high-energy smash hit “Gento.” Their domination doesn’t stop there, though, as the two songs are included in their newly released EP “Pagtatag!”

In the three-minute song, Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin transport us to their bold R&B soundscape, hinting at a provocative approach in its lyricism. Their newest EP ushers in a brand new era for the boys, proving the P-pop group’s versatility in terms of exploring different genres in every release. 

And now that “I Want You” has been dominating the streaming platforms, of course we got carried away with it, too. Before even looping it, here’s a flow of our thought process during our first listen and music video viewing.

  • After listening, I’m convinced that SB19’s vocals suit the R&B genre well.
  • Speaking of the group’s genre exploration, I wish I could grasp life as flawlessly as SB19 embraces different themes.
  • Their emotions throughout the video? Piercing. The MV’s multi-exposure treatment also does a good job at focusing on them individually and weaves them together, as if each of them carries a specific (but also similar) narrative.  
  • Stell’s “Girl, I want you” line is so relatable. That’s literally me with money.
  • With great rizz comes great responsibility, and SB19 didn’t fail because I still can’t get over the song.
  • After watching the MV, I’m willing to purge my wallet for their international concert happening this year.
  • After the fast-paced and fierce atmosphere of “Gento,” I feel like I’m going through a transformation this time with “I Want You,” together with their intimate gestures complementing nature’s visuals.
  • Overall, SB19 ate and left no crumbs. I was blown away by how they showcased their passion for the song’s message with mystery, intimacy, and authenticity.

Watch the music video here:


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