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You wouldn’t want to miss out on this budots album for two (indulgent and noble) reasons


Living up to its raison d’être, independent radio platform Manila Community Radio (MCR) is taking another huge step to champion the diverse sounds that always go unnoticed by the mainstream. It hasn’t even been that long since they teamed up with Boiler Room for a maximalist budots showcase, but MCR is already back with an initiative to uplift underrepresented music communities in the Philippines. 

Their latest endeavor? A 53-track compilation album (aptly) titled “BUDOTS WORLD: Bawal Umiwas Sa Sayawan!” To bring this project to fruition, budots pioneer DJ Love spearheaded the curation process and reached out to his extensive network of producers, inviting them to submit their best creations. The feedback was overwhelming—with contributions pouring in from across the archipelago. 

Moreover, the DJ proudly shared that the majority of the songs that made it to the record were from Mindanao—a testament to the untapped potential and immense talent that exist outside the country’s traditional music hubs. 

This release goes beyond mere entertainment, though. Its primary goal is simple yet powerful: “Na makilala ang gawa nila. Iyon talaga ang main (To be recognized for their work—that’s the main objective),” said the budots pioneer. By highlighting the craft of these artists, MCR intends to bridge the gap between communities and yield more opportunities for the artistic pursuits of those who have limited resources and those who may otherwise be overlooked.

Furthermore, all proceeds from this album will be thoughtfully distributed to support the families, livelihoods, and projects of the Camusgirlz, a budots dance troupe from Davao City. 

By getting “BUDOTS WORLD: Bawal Umiwas Sa Sayawan!” exclusively on Bandcamp, listeners gain access to a treasure trove of diverse music while also contributing to the empowerment and growth of a more inclusive local music landscape. 

So, don’t miss out on this album—expand your musical horizons and be a catalyst for change.


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