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These Are The People Who Won This Year’s Halloween

These Are The People Who Won This Year’s Halloween

Halloween 2K16 has come and gone, and whether you’re a certified costume hound or a self-diagnosed Halloween Grinch, you have to admit that part of the fun is finding out who put in max creativity with their Halloween costumes.

We’ve rounded up a quick list of celebrities and people around us who went the extra mile on All Hallow’s Eve this year. That means we’re avoiding the usual mainstream superheroes (yes, including This Year’s Favorite, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn), trending TV and movie characters (even Mia Wallace, who seemed to make a resurgence this year), video game heroes (too many Mario bros out there), and controversial politicians—unless your take is really, really good.


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Jay Z and Beyonce’s costume finally answers the question of what Hov would look like with a full head of hair. Kinda need to unsee. The Queen doubled down with her mom and Blue Ivy, tho:

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Sometimes, low-key effort goes a long way.


Looks like Heidi Klum asked Anthony Hopkins for five extra Heidi Klum hosts.

I say Jerome in the house, in ya mouth!!!!

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I mean damn, what would Jeromey Romey Romey Rome think?


The more we think about it, the more Sia makes sense as a Halloween costume.

The only Train to Busan Halloween work we’ll accept this year. A+.


My most important costume prop was 5 foot 10 and half naked #TheFifthElement #cultclassic #LeeloandBruceWillis

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And lastly, here’s Hinge Inquirer art director Edric dela Rosa and Kara Ortiga as Leeloo (in her space opera getup) and Korben Dallas, respectively, from The Fifth Element.

Did you have fun? Show us your costumes and let’s see if you also won Halloween.

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