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An anime-style ‘Rick & Morty’ short film exists

An anime-style ‘Rick & Morty’ short film exists

Okay, let’s list down “Rick & Morty’s” recent touch points. First, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Second, Krispy Kreme. Third, uhm, anime? Everybody’s favorite eerily mundane cartoon show is infiltrating every possible spot, and we’re not complaining.

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If you’ve been wandering around adult-oriented channel Adult Swim, chances are you blinked twice at the sight of an anime Rick thumbnail. A new short film called “Samurai & Shogun” is now up on Adult Swim’s YouTube page, which stars a “Rick WTM72” trying to pull a “Shogun Morty” out of evil…Ninja Ricks.

Set in feudal Japan, this film is hammered with popular samurai movie tropes—complete with the dramatic bloodshed and violence up to the exchange of their lines, with an impressive scoring to boot. The “Rick & Morty” spirit ensues through and through with its trippy visuals and quick burp from Rick. Now how’s this for a watch party?

Still from “Samurai & Shogun”


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